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St Lucia Tours

St Lucia Tours will be a great way to experience the very best of St.Lucia when you visit us on a St.Lucia cruise.

This is my first post and I want you to know that Lushan Country Life has just set up their new web site and I am now experimenting with the blog.

I hope to keep you posted with what’s happening at Lushan Country Life.  Here is one of my favorite pictures.  I would love your feedback on this post and hope to welcome you at Lushan Country Life soon.

St Lucia Tours

2 thoughts on “St Lucia Tours

  1. We had a great time on this excursion and would like to thank Arthur Anthony for being very informative and showing us his home and meeting his family.

    Would recommend this to anyone wanting to get to know the island people and their ways.

    Thank You for a lovely day and the beach was great as well

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