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Just For Lushans

St Lucia SpecialIsn’t it amazing how as Lushans we are often guilty of never being a tourist in our own land and that visitors to our shores enjoy the best of our island before us?

When last did you enjoy the mineral baths in Soufriere, or the museum at Pigeon Island?

Have you ever climbed the Pitons, or even to the Fort at Pigeon Island?

And do you even know about “The Garden of Eden” right here in St Lucia that’s called Lushan Country Life?…A most exciting and engaging place, a real blend of natural vegetation and our St. Lucian traditional way of life.

And guess what?…Since it officially opened in 2007 after, the WORLD has been beating a pathway to “Lushan Country Life,” and just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Lushan country life harks back to the good old days of hot bakes and cocoa tea, of “tete pain” and Armour’s 60 cents bread and we invite you to come experience this magic of yester-year.

Lushan Country Life is our family home that is now open to the world and it is truly a special treat when we welcome our very own mamai la kai!

St Lucia And this is because the Lushan Country Life Tour truly stands out over and beyond many other St. Lucia Eco-Heritage Tours for its authenticity and no one can relate to “how good life used to be” like fellow locals just like us.

Those who visit are always enchanted with Lushan Country Life.  They are thrilled by the simplicity of the family life it portrays as it is immediately evident that this is truly our home and that the experience is nothing but “The Real Deal”.  And at home there’s always something to see, smell or taste.

Lushan Country Life is simply an unforgettable experience.

We’re open Mondays to Fridays 8.30 am – 4.30 pm so give us a call to book a tour and come re-discover What Good Living Is

Tel: 451.6091 for Reservations…

We Look Forward To Welcoming You Home!